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First Views of Mars and Saturn

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Got my scope out for the second time, still not really sure how it works yet. Set my latitude and pointed it north, then birled it round and got the moon which looked superb.

Mars was pretty close by so I faffed about and managed to find it and it looked OK.

I knew where Saturn was so I pointed the scope in the rough direction and fiddled with the RA and DEC wheels and eventually got it!:) I then put my 2 x Barlow and the 10mm eyepiece and WOW!!! It looked sooooperb!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad:

I was only out for a short time as I still don't know fully what I'm doing yet But I can go to be a happy man tonight.

Just remebered, I was so excited about seeing Saturn and its rings that I forgot all about looking for any of its moons, what a numpty!


I take it when the scope is polar aligned and you swing it round to look south that you just loosen the clamps and twist the scope to get the eyepiece in the correct position?



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By correct position, I guess you mean, "comfortable" position?

Just try not to allow the OTA to slip down through the clamps or you'll lose balance, or worse, if it "falls" though and stops with a clunk, you could upset the collimation.

If you set your finder (scope/RDF) to accurately point at what the scope is looking at, you should get things bang on everytime. Set it during daylight on a distant object, the point bit on top of one of those religious buildings is ideal (I knew they served some useful function) as it is a small target and isn't moving.

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