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Spare 10" dust cap for Skywatcher dob

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Does anyone know where I can get a plastic 10" dust cap for my Skywatcher Skyliner 250px FlexTube Dob?

I'm hoping to make some sort of filter to view the sun - yes I know it's dangerous, but if I use this stuff:

Baader AstroSolar Safety Film ND 5.0 :)

Then I should be ok - won't I? Please stop me if I'm wrong.

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Hi, I have just come across your post (albeit 2 years later) and am wondering if you ever found out where to get the Skywatcher 10" dust cap from as I am also wanting to do the same thing. Thanks

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Yep, as steelfixer says, make your own. Instructions come with the Baader film, they also have instructions on their site here.

Lots of threads here on making them too, including a few show offs :hello2:

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I would think a cardboard off-axis filter as described on the Baader website would be safer than modding a dust cap. I know the dust cap on my 250PX isn't the most secure fixing.

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Thanks for the replies so far. I actually have a Celestron solar filter from my previous scope which was an Astromaster 90AZ. Having slept on it, I think it maybe possible to use this as it easily covers the smaller aperture hole in the 10" dust cover. Provided I can make some sort of adapter to attach it securely to the smaller hole, I think it may work. Can anyone envisage any problems with this? Obviously it won't be letting as much light in using the smaller hole, but when viewing the sun this is surely not a bad thing...

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Ok, if anyone's interested I've made a solar filter attachment for the 10" Skywatcher 250P Dob.

I used a piece of thick cardboard tube which was the roll from a piece of carpet. This was cut down to about 100mm and a lip cut around one end so that the Solar filter fit snugly into it. The attachment for the other end used to fit it to the dust cover was made from the end of a child's telescope (which was amazingly a perfect fit). I used one of the plastic spindles that you get blank CD's Or DVD's by the 100 in. I used a circular hole cutter on the base of this and slipped it over the end taken from the child's scope. It was sealed in place using hot glue, as was the cardboard tube with the solar filter attached.

Any gaps were then sealed using hot glue and the whole thing wrapped in silver duck tape. It won't win any design awards, but it is light and functional. Plus, the beauty of using the CD spindle means that it can be locked in place over the filter film so that little fingers can't start poking holes in it. I have attached a few pictures just in case the explanation isn't clear. Just need some sun now!




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