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Upgrading my scope??

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Ok so this may be a stupid question but im still learning,

I have a £100 Scope from Jessops as a starter and i can see the moon very well and like looking at various stars and nebulas.

Have i got any chance in seeing Saturns Rings or much else with it?

Im guessing not so as i am well and truly hooked on this hobby now i am looking to upgrade but dont have a great budget can anyone recommend a better scope for £200 - £250 ?

Thanks :)

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two of the best options have been made above or somethinf on a eq mount that you can add motors to later if you think you might get into imaging at some stage, although the mount will have to be fairly stable.

have you thought about second hand scopes, best value for money and these things are well looked after on the whole.

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A 150mm skywatcher would be a grand choice and in budget. You'll see the rings of Saturn no problem. In the past when the rings were wide open I have seen the Cassini division in the rings with a 150mm scope, polar shading and one of the equatorial bands around the planet :)

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Second hand on ebay, there plenty of them coming up all the time. Look for something local ish and try to see it before bidding if possible.

Here is an example of one that I'm watching (although I have no/little intention of buying as I don't really need one this size)

celestron 8" newtonian on eBay (end time 28-Mar-10 13:24:05 BST)

So if that (for example) is just the ticket, then orft you pop!

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I would agree with the above recommendations for an Explorer 150, but I would go for the PL rather than the P. The longer focal length is better for planets, and I've had some great views of Saturn with mine! It's also within budget for you on an EQ3-2. Just be aware of the size though with a longer tube.

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