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Member of the Month - September


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And this months winner is ......


For being an active member, having bucket loads of enthusiasm, educating us on clouds, and asking all the right questions!!!!

Congratulations - your signature will get updated with the MoM logo at some point soon...

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Congrats mate. :tearyeyed: :wink::laugh: :drunken: :thumbleft: :thumbright: :thumbleft: :thumbright: :thumbleft: :thumbright: :thumbup: :wav: :wave: :toothy8: :toothy7: :toothy7: :toothy7: :toothy7: :toothy7: :toothy7: :toothy7: :toothy7: :toothy7: :toothy7: :toothy8: :toothy10: :toothy10: :toothy10: :toothy10: :toothy10: :toothy9: :toothy9: :toothy9: :toothy9: :toothy9:

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i must say you guys certainly provide enthusiasm to this forum.

Keep at it and i am sure you will also become a household name in astronomy in your own right! If your not already

I always enjoy the atmosphere in here and reading some of your posts.

Should also mention that due to my being unble to get a decent plot at kelling, i have opted to go next year. Also the offer to go to basingstoke is too great. Tom Boles and The Rev Bob Evans will both be there!

I will post plenty of pics.

Oh and well done kain on ur award as member of the month. Readin your posts it is well desrarved


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