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Using StellariumScope for the 1st time tonight


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Took a bit of setup on 10.4 of Stellarium, but I think I have the hang of it.

Messed around star jumping to make sure it was working well and picked my 1st target. M108 and Owl Nebula in the same frame.

Picked a HIP star in the center of FOV and my goodness, it slewed perfectly to put it in frame for me with the center HIP star in the center of a test image......... NICE

So now nearly fully automated from the laptop.... Lets hope it works with PHD, Stellarium, Stellascope and EOS all working together :)

Amazed it has taken me so long being a computer wizz to go down this target selection method via EQMOD.

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It's good for a free app isn't it.

I use The Sky now, but I remember there was one thing that always bugged me about it, I think it was the Cntl+*** or whatever it is to slew the scope I could never remember what the actual command was and the others would start to do things in Stellarium

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