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NASA to unveil moon plan


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Thanks for sharing that GOOD News Steve cant wait to see how things get on. It's about time we were back on the moon and who knows if things go well and the Publics interest is there we could colonise the moon in the none to distant future. Be a great jump start to Mars wouldn't it..


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Just had a phone call from Rob, he was very excited, just seen the announcement LIVE. I had no idea this was going to happen. It's great news though. Although a bit scary to think i'll be 48 when man returns to the Moon.


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I will have the champagne on Ice for that landing (no - really I will). I was christened on the day they first walked on the moon, and the Apollo missions hold a special place with me. I've also visited Kennedy Space center in Florida and seen a Saturn V!!!

Wow..... I'm sooo excited!!!

Rob :) :) :o:):o:):o

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