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Stonking binoviewers

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I guess it's more complex than 2 6" newts are the same as a 12" newt

With Pi*R^2 (ie an 8" scope is a lot more than double a 6" scope) and your eyes/brain being the complicated things they are...... :laugh::wink:

I'll try and dig that thread out, it really is interesting.

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Technically, we should see less thru a binoviewer but, being a million+ year old species, we have evolved to use both eyes and if our brain is allowed to process info from both eyes, we see more.

Strangely, after we have noticed something extra thru a binoviewer, we can then see it thru a single eyepiece...

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I doubt that it's really worht the money. The two 12" tubes have the same light grasp as a single 17" tube, which would cost less when equipped with a binoviewer. The distance to the targets excludes the possibility of any actual 3D in the view, and a binoviewer would give you the same "3D effect."

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