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Skywatcher Flextube Auto 10 inch

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I've been looking to buy another telescope to use for Lunar/Planetary observation. I already own an 8" SPX 200-800 "AG", which is used for CCD imaging, and which, isn't suitable for visual observing because of the setting up involved and short focal length.

The new Skywatcher Flextube Auto 10" has cought my eye.

Looking on the internet, this instrument looks like the ideal solution for observing the Moon and brighter planets and also brighter deep sky objects. I also want something with more light grasp that is affordable and suitable for transporting in my car.

The felxtube 10" is motorised and; being an Alt/Az design, there isn't the need to waist valuable time polar aligning and you can spend more time observing.

I was wondering whether there is any body on here, who is using one of these telescope's and would care to comment about it.

I would also like to here from anybody, who has used one for imaging, the Moon and Planets. The Moon in particular, is something that I would like to observe and image again using a suitable sized telescope of 10inch's aperture, and that is motorised. And again this telescope would appear to fit the bill nicely.

If you own one, or have had the opportunity to look through one of these, I would be pleased to here from you.




SPX 200-800 F4 "astrograph"

Konus 120mm f8.3 "OG"


Losmandy G11

Atik 16ic mono ccd


Picasa Web Albums - PaulB - Deep Sky Wonders

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Hi Paul

I have the 12" and it's awesome for observing - objects stay in the fov for around 30 mins before drifting noticeably. Reasonable solar system pics can be had but there's a little backlash in the motors/encoders so dso pics may be a tad difficult - I found the need for a shroud to get the best views.

The 10" should be portable in 2 pieces like the 12" but measure the height of the base in relation to your car headroom - I have to take a back seat out to get mine in a Volvo estate. It is "unofficially" upgradeable to goto with the SW replacement AZ handset - but i have yet to try my upgrade out in the field.

Hope that helps.


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Thank you.

Yes I will check to see how difficult it is getting it into my Ford Fiesta Flame. I'll be using it at Jodrell Bank, when they have telescope viewing evenings, and also to take with me to Hadraw, in Wensleydale Yorkshire, with Macc AS.

But most of the time I'll use it at home when I'm imaging with the G11, or we have an unexpected break in the clouds. We had this last night, here in Cheshire at 22:00. So again this is where this telescope will be useful.

I don't want to do any CCD imaging with this scope, but I would like to do web cam imaging.

Again this is the reason for getting one of these. It should be very good for Planetary and Lunar imaging, and coupled with the light grasp, the visual views of the Moon and Jupiter should be awesome.

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Wow - you're in stargazer heaven observing at Jodrell Bank! Flat clear horizons all round and the heart of British radio astronomy. I'm envious lol.

I didn't try my webcam with it yet but I've seen what others have produced with the 10/12 in magazine reviews and I'm very optimistic. Moon shots especially :)

All the best.

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