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I've been staring at the stars for many years ( too many :) ), but I've never gone through the effort to learn the sky. Finally decided to take it further, jump in with both feet. After some research I decided to pick up an Orion xt10 classic, went and got it today. Of course, tonight here (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) was cloudy. But... There was a small break in the clouds and I spotted something bright, swung the beast around, put in a 7mm ep and focused (after using the ez finder , which works great btw). Focus, focus....rings!!! Holy smoke, I'm staring at Saturn! Very exciting! Was even able to track it for a bit, no problem. A great start, I can't wait to see more, so much to learn!


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Welcome!! :)

Saturn was the first object I saw as well.

I punched the air vigourously and danced around the garden for fifteen minutes...

I'm now feeling deep nostalgia for that first light session......

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