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Moon video's


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Hi there,

I have made recently some great video's from the Moon.

I started with a webcam, but now i use only a pocket Camera and digiscope adapter for it and it works great! :)

1. Meade ETX-70

2. Russentonne

3 Meade ETX-125

4. Celestron Nexstar 8"

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Thanks barkis,

Yes the moon is a great target for this type of Imaging, but for planet view its also not to bad!

Mars & Moon not a real clear shot!

Orion & Pleiades

And Saturn

Next time i try to catch Jupiter :)

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very nice, there is something about the moon despite it's habit of spoiling the only clear viewing nights in a month

i was thinking about it earlier on when i was watching my sky+ of the last part of the sebring 12 hrs and they were doing then usual Tv thing of zooming in on the moon.

always impresses me how todays standard tv cameras can produce such good images of it and how well they compare to the best terrestial pictures available of the moon from the time of the apollo missions, taken with specialist lenses.

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Cracking videos, just got a scope (first one) feeling my way but would like to do similar. Love the music as well who is it and where do you you get it from?



Thanks Steve!,

This was some gameMusic from Call of Duty, most of the time i use copyleft music

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