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M67 Open Cluster


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This is an image of open cluster M67 (NGC2682) in Cancer. It is thought to be nearly one of the oldest open clusters in the galaxy and is thought to be around 4 billion years old. It's approximately 2800 light years away with over 500 Stars with many being very similar to our Sun.

It was taken in the early hours of Tuesday morning prior to my Veil image whilst catching some sleep :).

It's a total of 10 x 7 minute exposures around 5 were lost to thin cloud.

Taken with an 8" Altair Astro F4 Astrograph Newt and QHY8 CDD fitted with a Baader MPCC and Neodymium Filter.

Guided with a WO 66SD and DSI CCD on a Orion Sirius Mount with EQMod.

Processed with DSS and Pix Insight LE and Photoshop.




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Thanks all for your comments.

Beautiful star colour Kevin. Looking nice and tight with the new newt, is the coma corrector doing it's job ok?

Yes it seems to be ok althought I think that I have some flexure issues and possibly at times problems with the camera being square. I will be investing in a Hotech self centering 2" to T thread adapter to ensure the CCD is square. Also a orion 2" to 1.25" self centering adapter to ensure the laser collimator is square on. I have also tweaked the spacing for the MPCC to find the sweet spot.

I would also be interested in what you have done to your GSO to make collimation easier?



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