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Hi All

Having declared myself useless at taking pictures of the sun through my scope, see example, I thought I'd picture myself at my scope, This is a good example of my behaviour for the last few days.

The sky is clear again, I'm all coffee'd up and time to see if "That " prom is still hanging on.

Clear Skies




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Did you take that image by pointing a camera down the eyepiece? If so it's a good example of what's possible ... I struggled trying to do this for ages before giving up & switching to webcam techniques!

Abyhow you've captured the monster prom and the "horn" on the opposite limb. I wonder if the prom is still there today? Must go & have a look .... the sky is appallingly milky with high cloud cover but it's better than a greyout ....

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I would be happy just basking in the sun Carl. The weather looks splendid in Serbia, and you look quite relaxed at the eyepiece.

I'm not a Solar Imager at all, but Astrophotography in general is a learning curve, so don't get too disheartened. You must persevere.

Some superb Solar imaging experts on SGL, BrianB being one of them, so plenty of help and advice available to you. Stick at it.:)


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Hi Brian - yes Sony Alpha 200 down the eyepiece, I tried with eyepice projection using a TV 20mm Plossl - useless, then I tried what I think is termed "prime Focus" with a TV 1.25 inch x2 Barlow - useless, I just cant seem to get the right focus / ISO, shutter speed, I'll stick at it, I know it's possible as I managed some reasonable photos of the moon at various phases, but the moons a much easier object to focus on.

Hi Ron, yes - this last week has been lovely, an interesting Sun during the day and moonless and mainly cloud free nights. I had such lovely steady views of Saturn last night I was tempted to try a photo or two, but thought - nah - just enjoy the views. It's a perfect time of year for observing at night, not too cold, the mirror reaches thermal equilibrium quickly, no dew problem, and the mozzies havn't woken up yet.

Clear Skies to you all.


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