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Astronomers in the North East (mainly North Yorkshire, Cleveland & Durham)

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Quick survey for those of us lucky enough to live near the north of England ;), market research and all that.

Anyway, here it is:

a) If there was a new astronomy equipment store in the north east would you visit it?

:) would you order from it online (providing there's a website)

c) would you only visit / order from it if it had the exact item you were after

d) still shop online (from somewhere else, i.e. FLO)

e) if you did visit, how far would you be willing to travel to get there? (i.e. 20 miles)

If you very nice people could just answer with say © for example that would be great, if you want to input some more information that would be great.

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I am in Tyne and Wear . . . . (South Shields, but still applies since there is nothing up here!)

a) Yes

b, c, d) Maybe. FLO Would always be my first port of call due to the absolutley fantastic service. That said, if they either didn't have in stock, or did not sell, I would of course look elsewhere.

e) Depends on the item I would be after. Something like a major scope purchase, I would choose to see it in person. So around 45 miles I think would be fine. Its not too far without being out of the way. Same as if I needed anything in a hurry or something specific!

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I assume that that is the common sense answer, I would go for those options...but would like other peoples opinions.

There seems to be hardly anywhere in the North East that actually has a showroom of any worth. I mean you get the occasional store that might have a Meade 4inch Schmidt or a 3.5inch Bresser refractor but that's about it. Its either executive or kidsplay stuff.

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We definitely need a Telescope House type of Astro. business in the North of England. I would certainly visit it regularly, to buy on occasion, but primarily because I love looking at the latest Astro Gear. I went AstroFest for that reason, but also to see old and new friends of this community. A great experience.

I too have had nothing but top class service and goods from Flo. and I will certainly never cease buying from them either.


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jarrow,tyne&wear here.







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Hi there:icon_salut:





E-15-20 MILES.

Cheers, Mark:icon_salut:

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Yes please! Anywhere in Tyne & Wear or the Tees valley area will be fine thank you.


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Hi there,

a Y

b Y

c Y

d Y

e 20 Miles from York

I too would just go to look at all the lovely stuff even if i was not buying.

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Bit of a late comer to the thread but here goes:

a) Yes

:( Yes, but I'd prefer to collect in person if for example, I needed the item urgently or it was particularly expensive/delicate and didn't fancy trusting delivery to a courier.

c) It might be nice to pop in now and again to have a look at what new gear was on the market, even if I wasn't actually going to buy. Though it might be impossible to walk into an astro shop and resist the tempation to buy something.

d) Would no doubt still shop online, as I wouldn't expect one shop could stock or supply everything.

e) Ideal if it were located in Teesside, Darlo, Harrogate or York

I think it would be a courageous move to open such a specialised shop, bearing in mind the current economic climate, the likely volume of clientele and the existing online competition. I wish you every success if that is what you intend.

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