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Huge Thank you to James at FLO

dark knight

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Just a quick (did I say quick) line to say a massive thank you to James at FLO.

I was having problems aligning my scope to true North as the standard polar scope didn't have any constellations engraved (Plough etc).

So I sent James an email enquiring about a replacement polar scope for my pier mounted eq5. I briefly explained it was for a pier mounted set up and would only get used the once for initially setting everything up. Now James being the gentleman he is emailed me back with the following

" Hi Carl,

The polar scope has Cassiopeia and Ursa Major engraved on it for guidance.

If you wish, and given that you only need it once I'm happy to lend you mine for a short while (I'm trying the joys of drift alignment)?

Kind regards


A day later and it arrived by first class post, he even paid the postage, how's that for kindness, I cannot thank him enough, sort of restores your faith in the human race it does. He could easily have said a new one will cost you £31 thank you very much.

Once again many thanks...


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