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Lockheed Martin's Orion shuttles


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Whilst reading the Times i came across this little snippet:

"Lockheed Martin, the United States defence contractor, has been awarded a $4 billion (£2.1 billion) contract to build the next generation of space shuttles (David Robertson writes). The National Aeronautical ans Space Administration (NASA) has given the go-ahead for the Orion Project, which will develop a manned spacecraft capable of flying to the moon, Mars and beyond. Orion is scheduled to be launched in 2014, four years after the current space shuttles are decommissioned. It will carry six passengers to the International Space Station or four to the moon."

Thought i'de share it. Interesting stuff. Long term though.

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I saw a news report on TV yesterday about this. Their shuttle looks like the Apollo command module, and returns to Earth in the same way, by parachute. Cargo will be lifted by a separate vehicle. I've been trying to find out what the capacity of the new shuttle is, in crew, but haven't found it.

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