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Difficulties with a Telrad

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I've experienced something odd with the Telrad I purchased.

When it arrived I placed new batteries in it and began fussing with it to determine the best mounting position.

During these experiments the Telrad functioned perfectly and I could plainly see the image (three circular rings) displayed on the glass view finder. I noticed something odd though. First, the dimmer switch lever had a rotational travel that is approximately 285 degrees. Second, in order to see the dimmest image I would need to advance the switch lever a minimum of 90 degrees.

After two days of finding the right spot to mount the Telrad (and putting new batteries in) I now find that in order to see the dimmest image (whether mounted on my telescope or held by hand inside my hall closet) I must advance the switch lever a minimum of 185 degrees.

Is/Has anyone else experienced this situation with their Telrad? Secondly, is it "normal" for the Telrad dimmer switch to have that much travel in it? I've encountered dimmer switches with 90, 180 and 359 degrees of travel but never one with 285 degrees.

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Mine goes around about that far and for 75% of that the rings are too dim to see. They spring into view in the last 25% of the levers travel and are too bright by the time it's on "full". I'm going to try some fresh batteries but I have this recollection from one I owned a long while ago that that's the way they are.

It's still a very good finder though.

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My Telrad is the same as the others have said, loads of travel before a viewable reticle appears and then a realtively short travel until its at max brightness, but still plenty of room to get it just how I like it.

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Yup as above. Donb't forget the telrad is designed to be used in the dark, so you will see a lot more at lower light levels when outside and dark adjusted. Don't be fooled by it not working well in the hall - it needs to be adjustable so that it is only just on when outside...

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