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Remote control of a Skyliner 200p auto

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Hi, I’m new to this site but I saw hoping to find someone that can help me. I’ve got a Skywatcher Skyliner 200p auto which has a hand control similar to a Skytrek (But not logo) used for alignment and auto tracking. I was wondering if there is a program or accessories I could use to remote control the telescope from my PC for direction or better still combined database to create a go-to capability. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I assume that you mean a Skyliner Flexitube not the solid tube version. You should take a look at this thread Skyliner Autrotracking. johninderby used a Skyliner Flexitube autotracking base and a solid tube Skyliner OTA. Scroll down to thread #19 and look at the second picture. He has a Synscan AZ handset plugged in. All you need to do is source a Synscan AZ handset and you will have full goto. Then you will be ablke to control the mount from a PC or the handset.


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Thanks for your help, I had one with my Celestron Nexstar 114 which I sold to upgrade to the Skyliner flexitube 200p auto! So if I get a Synscan AZ handset and connect it to the 200p it should work?!


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You can get the SynScan replacement handsets and just plug it straight in to the flextube auto's to get full goto - it even makes the tracking better apparently.

But on it's own the handset is only ten or twenty quid cheaper than a full goto AZ mount with SynScan (new prices). They are hard to source second hand cos every FT auto owner wants one lol

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