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Orion from Kielder

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This is a stack of 8 x 5 minute subs on a 50mm lens set to f4. No flats, 20 bias. Cropped slightly to cut out some trees. Camera is a Nikon D70. Pixinsight LE for DBE and PS tweeks.

I've taken a few photos from home and all has been well. I thought I'd have a go from a dark site for a change.

One thing I'd never thought of was what effect a red screen had on my netbook. I never use one at home but couldn't avoid it at a star party. Disaster came to mind. The subs looked awful ;) I was going to do more subs with longer duration but abandoned all hope when I saw the results. Next morning with the red filter off I kicked myself up and down the field.

Lesson..... practice under the conditions you will face.

Hope you like it.



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DaveW imaging?????? Well i never!!!

If you know how to do this yourself then fine, but if not i would give this image to someone that really knows something about processing astro images so they can show you what you have accomplished. I can see that there is loads of detail just waiting to be shown in that image......

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That is a corker. There is a wealth of nebulosity in there, including Barnards loop. An expert image processor will dig a lot more out of it as Jamie said.

Nice one indeed sir.


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>> DaveW imaging?????? Well i never!!!<<

He tried to keep it quiet but a little birdie told Me, he might have been having problems with his guide camera. :) Don't know how true it was though. ;)

Great image Dave, I knew You would get one in the end. :)

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Thanks all.

I will try to get a bit more out of it soon. The colours are very subdued as you can see, the subs are very modest I'm afraid.

And........ for those that didn't hear over and over again, my guider is a pile of carp. The skip calls.

Another problem was the fact that it was so cold and the battery in the camera so old that I was getting around 4 images at a time. The battery kept dying !! I can tell a good sob story.

Next !


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