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A great camera!!

I assume you are using IS capture V2.1?

The exposure time can be set to any duration you wish; don't get mixed up with frame rate... when the exposure is above, I think 1sec, the video still plays back at the nominated frame rate....

Don't know about noise reduction??

Play with the gain.....

I'll have a DMK21 ( and I think Nick's bring one also) at the Imaging day on Sunday...


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Gain: max (except moon)

Exposure time: lowest possible where the object is still visible but nothing is snow-white

FPS mode: 30fps

Frames to capture: 1000-1500 should be ok. (planetary, lunary)

Denoise (frame accumulation): off

For imaging deep space you can use 1-5 sec exposures easily at max gain, but you need few hundred of frames to overcome gain noise in stacking (it's easier to make a lot of very short exposures, than few long-time).

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Great camera - settings are pretty much trial and error to taste, I usually use mine a DFK version to provide AVI files, but have used it to capture individual images..


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