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Skywatcher Dual Drives Mod question


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I'm going to mod my SW EQ5 dual drives as the cables are very annoying!. Are the connectors used RJ10 or RJ11?. I guess 10 as they look like phone ones.

Needless to say I'm picking up a couple of phone (curly coiled) wires one for each motor. chopping back the original cables to 1" from the handset and crimping on some new RJ10 female units

Would have moved up to Red RJ45 network cables, but hey.

Any ideas welcome of course?.


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I was thinking of something similar BUT, like this, take the plastic cover box, the one that covers one of your motors, make a cable of either curly cable or cat5 with enough slack for the movement and also run that to the cover box, in the cover box fit a female socket with enough connections for both motors and wire the two motors to it. next take a single lead with enough cores to do both motors and fit the male equivalent of the female you fitted, cut to required length and rewire into controler.

Would make a nice conversion that way, only one cable going to the controller.

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