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I've got protostar flocking ordered for my OTA. I thought I'd also use the take apart time to do a tutorial on squaring a focuser as a part of the video collimation thing I've been playing with along with Doc.


I need an idea, I'm looking for inspiration on what to use as the marker at the point on the tube opposite the dead centre of the fousser tube. I know some sites have suggested drilling a tiny hole in the OTA and fixing a small pin in place through the hole, I want to avoid that though. The only thing I've come up with so far is either a dressmakers pin (the sort with a tiny ball on the end as opposed to a pinhead) with the 'pin' part cut off leaving about 1mm behind and pushing it into the flocking along with a dot of superglue. OR using one of those white ring reinforcing sticky doughnuts that they use to reinforce ring bound paper pages superglued to the flocking and painted black which at the moment is I think my best idea, any other suggestions?

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