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Meade 27 v TEC 140 - a fragment.

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Just starting to work on some images from the TEC 140. I shot the Whale last year in the 127 and again last night with Martin B (happy birthday Martin!) in the TEC. Very much as I had expected, the galaxy itself is hardly any different so far. Okay, the seeing was not great early last night for the TEC but there isn't much more to come.

However, the stars are WAY diifferent. In the TEC they are tiny and free from bloat. They will require little or no processing. In the Meade there was a lot of blue halo reduction to do.

I'll post some images when they are done but that was really just to answer my own question in Astronomy Now; How close does the 127 come to rich and famous? Close... but there is a difference. (Thank goodness, having forked out a small fortune for the TEC.)


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I've never heard a bad word about the TEC Olly.

No, this is an interesting point. Neither have I. I think they are a small company and Mr Petrunin takes qualiity control rather personally. They have just done a run of compact 110 Apos but he is not happy with the first batch of lenses so he's written to those on the list to warn them of delays. They won't be going out till they are right.

Again, accordng to TEC, the 15mm square chip of our 4000s exceeds the flat field of the native lens and needs their flattener. Neither Martin nor I (nor CCD Inspector) could see much to worry about though.

Anyone wishing to buy me a flattener so as to make the most of their visiting large format camera will, however, get a free beer. Now how generous is that?


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