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Unexpected couple of hours


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Out with the 300p flex

This was a late call as the forecast was poor and the sat image I looked at earlier was showing a goodly amount of cloud

First up Saturn

was disappointing as the scope needed to cool a bit more and a bit of collimation was needed

Over into Leo and a look at Denebola

a search round for 65 & 66 which reminded me that I had not put the street light calmer on that done I swept up the leo triplet but could not quite manage 2903 or 95 96 in next doors outside light

Over to M13 first view through the 300 wow with any of the e/p right to the core

cut back to saturn much better rings showing well in moments of steadiness with 3 moons (Titan Tethys & Dione on one side and Encelade on the other)

back to M13 wow !!!!

M57 , not looked at this for years so welcome not so good with the O111

Double Double excellent

M81 82 bu****er had disappeared into the conservatory roof

over to M97 but spotted M108 first

after 108 a quick scan around found 97 with the owls eyes just made out

all in all not a bad night

but note to self

coat good

hat good

carpet slippers not a good idea


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Sounds great Steve.

I put my scope out at 18.00 just in case and by 21.00 it was too cloudy so bought it in and watched matrix reloaded on ITV2. Looked outside at 23.00 and crystal clear ;)

Oh well at least you had a good night.

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