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Mars - 05 Mar


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Catching up on processing images captured during the recent spell of clear weather!

A few Marses from the night of Mar 4/5. Seeing seemed reasonable but I had difficulty processing the images for some reason & the final results are not very good. Focus problem I think. And I accidentally overwrote one of the infra red AVIs ... such things happen when you're tired. Anyhow:


Seeing starting to deteriorate later


Celstron CPC1100, 2x Powermate, Astronomik type 2c & Planet Pro 742 filters, Imaging Source DMK21 camera.

Transparency very good. Temp -3C, wind calm.

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Hi Brian - with Mars getting so small and dim etc it is getting very difficult to catch anything of substance.....and as you infer, focus is becoming more of a challenge imho too.....

Got a few avi's myself a few nights back that whilst looking quite reasonable onscreen were very hard to crack sharp focus for - perhaps why my own infield lappy processings didn't come up to scratch! (might try repro'ing them later)

Being a grammatical pedant :) I think it should be "A few Mars from the night of....." or perhaps "A few Mars' ".....but definitely NOT "A few M'arses"....!:(:D:eek::D

Anyway, distance etc notwithstanding, some good grabs that show the cloud patches well!:D

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