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Skywatcher Skymax 127 head count.

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Had mine 3 weeks now, thanks to a member here and as of yesterday the sadly-departed buy and sell section. Just joined the group too.

It's a very nice bit of kit and easy to use for a beginner like me.

Finally got clear enough skies to point it at Jupiter last week and ended up losing myself a bit, this being the first time I'd ever looked through a real telescope :icon_confused:

Now bring on Saturn...

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I have the little brother Skymax 102 (AltAZ go to). I Love it both  visual planetary and imaging planets (and in case seeing is not that great -which is basically most of the time, it performs basically not much less than the C8 for planets as the skymax is simpler, lighter, more compact, no maintenance at all -never needed to collimate the skymax and pint point sharp always-). And as mentioned in bad seeing, no really big differences on the planets between the 2. This was my 1 st scope which pull me me into the hobby (to go into buying the C8 for example and maybe later on I will go for an APO) and will ever leave it for sure!

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  • 2 months later...

Used to have the Orion Apex 127, same thing really just a different paint job. Sold it a few years ago, regretted it almost immediately, so bought a Skymax 180

I sold a 180 skymax and regretted it, but it was the right decision

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