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Canon 1000d

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Well thats the kit on offer on fleabay for £319.

The catch is its Canon refurb with a 90 day warranty from suppliers.

Whats do you think chaps is it a good deal or....

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I have a 1000d and so far am very impressed with it, although I am far from getting the best from it, but its a great, easy to use camera.

As for the one you see bing refurb'd, not sure mate as I aint bought a refurb Canon before but I bought, a year or so back, a Fuji S6500fd refurb camera fron fleabay and never had a moments bother with it.

Just check the suppliers feedback and juge fron that I say.



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Just a quick note on the Canon DSLRs, I have a 350D and on most of the Canon's including the 1000D there are 3 surface-mount fuses deep inside the camera, when these fuse blow, which mine have twice now, they can be replaced, but how long they last is anyones guess, either ask the guy if this has been done on the camera, not that he would tell you! I replaced mine a few months back and then they went again, you normaly get a few hundred pictures before they blow again. Just a thought before you part with your cash on a DSLR that you think is cheap, you get what you pay for! there are a few "dead" DSLR's on fleabay that are selling, these will be be repaired and sold again, its how long they last is the problem. Buy new, then you can always send it back if you have a problem.



just off the set EQMOD up with my EQ6 Pro.

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A very worrying note about the fuses blowing. I have been using a 1000D for a few months without problem, but am now worried.

Do you know what event triggers a fuse blow?

What circuits do they protect?

Do you have any advice/photos on getting to the fuses?

Fuses are 'penny' items and I might get a few in advance of problems if this is a known defect.

Oops. Just realised if your camera is in bits, you can't take photos!!


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