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avi practice sequences?


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Good idea but just be aware that typical imaging runs are hundreds of megabytes (the solar mosaic I posted a couple of days ago was 5GB in the computer). I simply don't have anywhere I could upload that volume of data to. Lossy compression ruins the quality, making sophisticated processing techniques absolutely pointless even if the apparent detail loss is minimal. Lossless compression doesn't help all that much, 1:4 if you're lucky, and a quarter of 300 kilobytes x 4000 frames is still a considerable amount of data.

Then there's the poor sod who will insist on trying to upload hundreds of megabytes on a paid-by-time dialup connection to consider.

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A few years ago i found a site which had Jupiter, Saturn and Lunar AVI's hosted for that very reason....

Just been googling...

Guide in PDF and sample AVI for Jupiter and the Galilean moons...

Hands-On Universe, EUROPE (Eu-Hou) - Jupiter and Its Moons - primer in digital image processing

Useful tutorial on webcam imaging and processing...

Webcam Astrophotography Tutorial for Planets

I am sure theres a lot more out there...


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@psychobilly thanks for the links will have a go when i get home.

I was looking for something similar recently, like a folder with DSO subs darks ect. for the same reason, but I couldn't really find anything. Again, if anyone could help out it would be cool.

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