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Telrad mounting options (Celestron refractors)

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I am thoroughly disgusted with the 6 x 30 finderscope that came with my Celestron Omni XLT 102mm refractor.

I really like the Telrad's ease of use and cost however I am having a bit of difficulty with mounting it.

I do not wish to drill holes in the telescope. Nor do I favor the idea of having to remove sticky-tape at some future date.

I've been looking and looking to see if there exists a riser (which would slide into the pre-existing dovetail joint the 6 x 30 finderscope currently occupies) that I could mount the Telrad on.

The trouble is I don't seem to be having any success in finding one. Perhaps my over-tiredness is causing me to miss something obvious on the Telrad site... I don't know.

Does such a riser exist? If so, where can they be purchased?

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IMO the telrad is to big for a refractor, it looks pretty ugly and cumbersome have you tried one of the many red dot type finders, they are much smaller and do basically the same job.

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The Rigel QuikFinder is a more suitable alternative for a refractor as it's almost as good as a Telrad but is so much smaller and easy to mount on a refractor. You could easily sell the Telrad, which would then pay for the QuikFinder.


I'd suggest a QuikFinder as well - I've used one on a 5" F/9.4 refractor and it works very well, very similar to a Telrad but with a 2-ring reticule rather than the 3 that the Telrad has. The QuickFinder's footprint is very small and the sticky pads can be removed if needed as well.

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