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Solar Activity 09 Mar


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The large filament has mostly dissipated but the large thick piece nearest the equator persists. The "inactive area" seems to be genuinely spotless in white light today but still has interesting Ha structure including filaments. There are apparently active prominence areas on the north east limb and on the west limb (latter probably AR1051 on its way out) plus other prominences including a significant one near the south pole. No significant Ha plages, the large "network" of CaK activity in the northern sector appears to be declining. A prominence & filament day but no significant actual filaproms!

CaK and Ha disk images:


2010 Mar 09, 0950 UT. Coronado PST CaK, f/10, DMK41.


2010 Mar 09, 0959 UT. Solarscope 60, f/5, DMK41.

Mosaic of northern part of solar surface:


2010 Mar 09, 1005 UT. Solarscope 60, f/16, DMK41.

There is a full size version of this image here Warning, 1975 x 1237 pixels, 443 kilobytes.

Closeup of "inactive area" in CaK:


2010 Mar 09, 1038 UT. 60mm @ f/25, Lunt B1200 CaK, DMK41.

Close ups of significant prominence activity:


2010 Mar 09, 1015 UT. Solarscope 60 @ f/32, DMK21.


2010 Mar 09, 1022 UT. Solarscope 60 @ f/32, DMK21.


2010 Mar 09, 1018 UT. Solarscope 60 @ f/32, DMK21.

Transparency good, seeing moderate. Temp +5C, wind S force 1-2.

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