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Mars & Saturn - 7th March


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Finally got a night of good seeing on Sunday .... but very cold :headbang:

Got some AVIs of Mars at F40 and Saturn at F25 taken with C 9.25, DBK21 camera and Baader neodymium filter with UV/IR block. Need some more work on the processing which is still much of a mystery to me ... Saturn 100 frames from 1,000 and Mars 200 frames from 2,500. Processed in Registax 5 and tweaked in Serif photoplus. I'll try K-Man's processing technique when I get time.

Clouds on Mars or Noise? .. answers on a postcard :p




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Hi Guys and thanks for the comments.

Yes images are resized 150% but Mars was taken at F40 at least. I agree Mars is a bit green and looking again Saturn is a bit too yellow .. back to the tweaking!

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I think it is more to do with your IC capture color settings :headbang:

you need to adjust the color ratio.

What do you think of DBK21 ? there is an understanding that DMK more sensitive than DBK because it is a mono cam, but I havnt noticed a big difference in image quality....

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I think the capture settings are more or less OK now, but this is very difficult to judge while you are taking images .. I have included slightly reprocessed images below .. changed the colour balance a little and reduced to 80% image size which I think has improved things a little?

I think the DBK21 is a great camera ... theory states that it will lose out a little in resolution to the mono cameras due to the bayer mask but I am not sure that this is born out in practice .. Look at Darryl's (Kokotha Man) images with this camera which are truly professional class... and getting better !

For me the main advantage is one-shot colour. I simply couldn't go to the expense of high quality rgb filters and filter wheel, let alone taking 3 images every time and refocusing :headbang: I'm not looking to be the best or win prizes just get some nice shots that I can be happy with and convince the wife that this really is money well spent !

At the moment I just focus with the standard focuser knob, make a few adjustments and try and get say 4 or 5 avi's over a freezing 1-2 hours .. then back inside to top up with wine :p

I got mine second hand for £160 and I'll spend the next year or two really getting to know it. But as the American's say.. your mileage may be different.




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