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a good night

essex sky

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the first really good dso night for a few weeks was last night.

set up my c8 with the f 6.3 reducer gathered my favourite dso eyepeice and had a very enjoyable if cold, couple of hours.

first up was m35/ngc 2158 . m35 filled the field of my 15mm nagler x84.

with 2158 showing as a grainy haze just on the verge of being resolved.

next up was ngc 2392 the eskimo nebula. again with the 15mm nag

but this time with a 2x barlow and uhc filter

showing the central region with a distinct blue shade and the fainter

outer fringe more white.

then over to my favourite spring object, m97 the owl nebula

again with the 15mm and uhc filter. showing a very uniform circle of soft light with a hint of the dark eyes with averted vision.

it always suprises me how easy this object is to see even without a filter, 'considering it is stated as being the 2nd faintest messier object 'probably due to the fact it passes almost directly overhead.

m108 was also visible but faint and unimpressive.

leo had gained some altitude by then, so finished on m 65,66 ,95 and 96 all well seen with the 15 mm also ngc 3628 was visible but much fainter.

clear skies


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Sounds a really good session Lance :headbang:

You must have dark skies to be able to easily see the Owl Nebula without a filter in an 8" - I find it a real challenge with a 10" where I am. The OIII filter does do wonders with it though :p

One little thing - I noticed you mention a 15mm Nagler - I've not heard of that one - or did you mean to say the 16mm ?.

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hi john

yes made a mistake with the typing its a 13mm type 2.

my skies are pretty good being on the outskirts of chelmsford

most light pollution is to the north with little to the south.

m44 was visible with the naked eye last night always a good sign

of a really clear moisture free sky;). i don't get that very often

here in the south.


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Sounds like an excellent sesion. I can never see any colour in that Eskimo thing..

That 3628 is a tough one so you must have fair skies to pick it out in an 8 inch scope.

Have you tried NGC 2903 in Leo, it is a fine galaxy even though mr Messier missed it?


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