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What sun filters?

yeti monster

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So I finally recieved my Baader solar film and made me a nice new filter, which works very well. However, a boring white disc devoid of sunspots isn't exactly exciting me. What other filter can I use in conjunction with the solar film to allow me to see surface detail such as filaments, prominences and them "wiggly bits" wot ye olde imagers post up on their imaging forum bit?

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White light filters won't do it.

Unfortunately we're talking $$$$ to get into Ha solar observing. You need a very narrow band solar Ha filter ( SolarMax etc) and a blocking filter combo. Can cost around 1000gbp upwards.

The cheapest starting point is a Coronado PST or a Lunt 60 around 500gbp.


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LS35 at £400 ish will be a better bet than the PST these days unless you mod the PST...when it will whupass any L scope

Got a first lightr eport back from a friend in Reading who modded a PST with a TMB and said the views were "incredible"...rivalling his SM90

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