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Unknown planets

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Morning folks,

I am intreagued as to what planets are visible with the naked eye at the moment - I can see Mars, but there are some other objects in the sky that are brighter than Sirius, which in my basic knowledge of the night sky, means that they are likely to be planets. Maybe Jupiter? If anyone can let me know roughly where they are, that would be great. Thanks, Ben

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Jupiter is very close to Mercury atm, if you are able to look east at sea level, with a clear view to the horizon, before sunrise these MAY be possible although you may need to be further south. Saturn is about 4 hours behind Mars. Venus in the evening, just after sunset is looking rather nice (or was last week). I believe that Uranus is possible too, although I have yet to see this.

Check Heavens-Above Home Page whole sky chart for your location, you can change the time/date to find when might be a good time to go looking.

I'll be trying in the morning for Jupiter and Mercury, although I don't expect to have the clear sky, but it's always worth a try.

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