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Telescope Optimisation


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Just cleaned my primary and secondary mirrors for the first time ever, and after a year, it is surprising how much gunk gets on the mirrors!!

Speaking of a year - I knew the mirrors needed cleaning when I was looking at the galaxies in Leo and noticed how the definition seemed a little fuzzy - not necessarily out of focus, but slightly dimmed somewhat. Ruling out any degredation in eyesight, I decided it was high time to do some pre-spring cleaning.

It is amazing how the brain can remember how DSOs looked even when it had been a good 12 months since I last looked. Already it seems one can develop virtually a photographic memory of how objects in space look! This is coming from a lifelong artist and craftsperson who has to rely on her visual memory!!

Anyway - when the mirrors were re-collimated, I was already surprised with the sharpness of image I was seeing through the collimator.

A question I would like to ask you fine people is regarding flocking paper.. I don't want to go down the black paint route as Astro baby bravely has - a commendable woman she is - but I was wondering if someone could kindly recommend me a flocking paper supplier who has a good reputation!!!

I am keen to get my money's worth out of my 200mm Dob before I upgrade. :headbang:

Thanks for reading this. :p

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