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Binoviewers on a refractor - advice please!

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Hi All,

I have recently bought a Celestron Omni XLT 120 refractor that comes with one eyepiece. The 'scope is f8.6 and has a focal length of 1000mm.

Looking towards the future I am very tempted by the concept of binoviewers, esepcially William, that come with a pair of 20mm eyepieces.

Reading around the Web I gain the impression that I will need to use the supplied Barlow in order to focus properly which would appear to increase the magnification and possiblly reduce the benefits of the wide'ish angle eyepieces.

Binocular viewing appeals to me as I have used a telescope for bird watching but am not comfortable with one eye. I also appreciate the comfort and view from my tripod mounted Revelation / Celestron 15 x 70 binnoculars that I have been using for a while to find my way round the heavens.

Any advice would be appreciated and I aplogise if this question rambles on a bit!

Best wishes,


PS: This may be irrelevant but I am 60 - i.e. an older pair of eyes.

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Hi Nick - I used binoviewers at Kelling last autumn - it's amazing and totally emersive - I'd recommend it to anyone.

You're out of luck with the WO set though - I ordered mine last Oct and still waiting - Williams are having trouble filling back orders in UK and world wide due to a broken mould and can't say when they'll be in supply again - hopefully not too long.

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I use the Sky-watcher Evostar version of the scope. You will need to use a Barlow to reach focus. Depending on which Barlow you use, you will get magnifications from 150 to 175x with 20mm eyepieces.

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Hello Muddy. Once you have used binoviewers on the Sun, Moon and planets there's no looking back. Some binoviewers employ an "optical correction" system which avoids the need for a Barlow but these tend to be more expensive. To reach focus with just the binoviewer I have shortened most of my appropriate refractors which is something of a standing joke round these parts. Having recommended binoviewers, be aware that that there is some light loss so only the brightest DSO's benefit.

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