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Heq5 goto a little inaccurate

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I was wondering if any of you clever people had any suggestions for me.

I have polar aligned, checked the ra,dec,date and time inputs, levelled the mount, and start from home position.

But.....I have found that when I have done a 3 star alignment the goto can be more than a degree out. I checked the skywatcher web site and there was a suggestion to make the first alignment star near to the meridian as possible. I didn`t do this the other night but would it produce the sort of error I am getting?

Also, I centered it on Castor, did a re-alignment on that star by pressing esc for 2 sec then did the short hop to Pollux and it was out by a degree or so :headbang:. Any suggestions gratefully received.

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I'm not sure how useful this will be, but I've found that certain sets of alignment stars just work better than others. Every now and again I'll find a perfect set of three and enjoy excellent alignment, until they move too much and I have to start again! For example, I seem to recall back in Autumn that Vega and Deneb plus anything the other side of the meridian used to give a really good starting point; other sets weren't as good.

I once saw some sort of system for finding these groups, but alas can't remember where I saw it. For now, perhaps a bit of trial and error? If you're a degree off, try some other alignment stars and see how you get on with those?

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Ok. I will experiment with my alignment stars for a start.

Just a thought, after I had parked the scope and turned off I had loosened the lock nuts and moved the ota about. When I went to use it the next time I simply put it back to what looked like a good park position and did the usual alignment. I don`t know if this would have an effect. I might try not starting from the park position to see if that helps.

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Well, I gave it another go earlier this evening and got it to work really well. After a couple of attempts, I ended up on aligning with Caph 1st, Capella 2nd, and Castor 3rd. I did a slew to M35 and it appeared in the eyepiece :p So I chose to goto NGC2392 (Eskimo Nebula) for a more serious test and there it was :headbang: went for Mars and it was all good. I carried on touring about the Auriga clusters until the old fingers called it a night in the -1 temp.

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I don't know about the SW goto but the celestron give you a choice of alignment stars on one side of the meridian and then recommends that you add another 3 calibration stars on the other side of the meridian for optimal performance.

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