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Mars - 4 March. Good seeing !


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Mars was really quite breathtaking March 4th. Seeing really good at 1-2. So much delicate detail on the surface I had a real hard time trying to sketch it. I think I've gone an overdone the phase, it looks too big a chunk on the sketch if I'm honest compared to what it was.

16" Mag x295

No filters

21.45 to 22.25 UT

CM approx 69 degrees


The NPC again appeared as only a small slither of white, although it seemed like there was more curvature to it at this CM. Mare Acidalium was present on the preceeding limb, swinging up towards the equator. A darker notch was embeded on its western side. Niliacus Lacus was seen to be detached to the south of Mare Acidalium. Westwards across the disc was alot of delicate detail, some that flashed up for only seconds at a time. Alot to process!!

The darker area separating Chyrse from Tharsis bowed in shape and contained a small darker area. A lighter area was seen west of Mare Acidalium. Not as bright as it was the other evening though. ON the western limb was a very distinct area of brightness - almost as bright as the NPC. Seemed to have a slight blue tinge to it...maybe?? A brighter area was also spotted on the southern limb. Lots of delicate detail seen in the south.

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that's great! I still have my view of mars from monday in my mind, and your sketch is so similar to that view, but you have rendered it in a way which I think displays the delicate subtlety of the various levels of albedo really well.

I like the acidalium area, it looks very similar to how i saw it on monday, darker and hooked at its southern end; and the knobblyness of the mare erythraeum , and the same brighter area on the souther limb. I also agree about he white on the western limb seeming very slightly blue.

But i am slighlty jealous of all that low contrast stuff you can see in the redder areas, it's just not there with my 8".

Keep em coming, it's very enjoyable to look at them.

I am out again tonight - well that's that plan anyway!

I just noticed you used no filters, do you prefer the unfiltered view?

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Thanks for the comments Chris. Tbh, I normally do go for a filter - red generally to get better contrast, and then maybe a yellow or a blue. But when I caught first sight of Mars on thurs night I just thought wow!! I could see so much detail unfiltered that I just decided to get down what I could see 'as is'.

Hope to get out tonight again too for another go at Mars :headbang:

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Excellent drawing DarkerSky.

On that evening, Mars was putting on an excellent display of its dangly bits in Erythraeum. I managed to spot them with my 6 inch refractor.

I've been quite amazed over the last week or so by how much subtle detail has started to show through on Mars.

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