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M82, M101, NGC1977 - 04/03/10


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M81 8 x 8min.

M101 6 x 8min.

NGC1977 11 x 8min.

The Deep Sky filter has put the length of subs I need right up. Doc is going to help me clean my optics later next week as you can now see the bunnies. I've stacked everything as I haven't got much to throw away yet, so some of the stars look oval in NGC1977.




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Peter, thanks, what would be a lot, 15, 20 minutes, longer?

I'm thinking that longer subs mean more signal (and more noise). Stacking subs reduces the noise by root N and hence increases signal to noise, but doesn't change the signal content as such. I guess there is a minimum duration of sub below which stacking more and more subs won't really do anything as you just don't have signal. You're just mowing the lawn.

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Very natural looking results there Noel, I especially like the running man.

M101 is a great target, but not the easiest as Peter says. Lots of individual subs with medium to longer exposure times will help, and aim to get the pictures when M101 is high in the sky, it really helps when trying to pick out the faint stuff. That and moonless nights of course :headbang:

Nice set of pics.


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