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Peleng fisheye wide widefields

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Themos put me onto the Peleng 8mm F3.6 fisheye lens which has a 180mm FOV. I picked one up on ebay at the end of last week.

It is a Russian lens and mine is an EOS fit. It doesn't have any autofocus and aperture is adjusted manually - perfect for what I plan to do with it. Used with the APS sized EOS chip is doesn't actually give 180 degrees but it is still very wide.

The fisheye distortions are interesting but I'm in the process of buying software called rectfish which converts the curved image into a rectilinear one with very little effort. The resulting image looses some of the FOV and does leave distortions which can be further corrected (still working out how to do this).

The 2 garden images below were taken on yesterday evening without an LP filter. The sky was very murky with a few stars just managing to poke through. These show the fisheye view. The watery pic was taken on Monday night from my sailing club. It was a very clear moonlit night and I used a CLS clip filter. This one has been converted to rectilinear - the trial version of rectfish slaps on 3 water marks which have received the healing brush treatment! I've now paid the license fee and am waiting for the activation key.

Not great pics but with the right backgrounds I hope to get some interesting results.

Taken with a Canon 1000D Iso 800 45 seconds F 5.6




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Steve, I haven't uploaded a large image, there are no gross distortions but there is some trailing anyway. I hope to get some better shots over the coming 2 weeks when I will be at LesGranges.

I've seen a website with some advice on using Iris including scripts for the Peleng. Will explore further.

Billy, I've had a look at PS but the correcting lens distortions doesn't work anything like as well as Rectfish, it reduces the overall size of the image a great deal for one thing and I couldn't fully correct the distortion. That might just have been my ignorance though.

Haven't tried "in camera" though

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Adobe camera raw will basically do the same as you get in the filter Distort lens corrections bit...

Here's the "pukka" one...



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