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Orion old style lol


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Ok stop laughing,this image was taken on the night of 1/3/2010 while waiting for Saturn to show over the house roof.

I used a Meade DSI Colour 1 cam on a Vixen A80m at prime,guided with my lx200gps (dsi pro 1 guide cam).

Envisage did the stacking and ps4 did the rest.50 frames each.

The image is a practice shot for multi layer images of 4 sec/8 sec and 21 sec exposure,layered in order to reduce burn out of the central stars.

This is my first ever attempt at doing this,not perfect by a long shot but getting the hang of using cams and software.

A long way to go i feel.lol

P.S this is also my first ever shot of Orion.


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Great stuff -reminds me of my first image of M42 a year ago using a Meade DSI 1 colour. As it's your first DSO, well done. If you're anything like me, you'll be well chuffed with it as a first result.

You may benefit from a reducer to open up the FOV a bit and get more of it in with longer exposures.

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Wow for a first image, I remember my first of this object and it was like the Hubble in my back garden - great platform image to grow your skills from. Well Done!


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Thank you for your feedback,it is most welcome.

I like playing with these old DSI cams,images are never great but fun all the same.

I think a focal reducer in the train will help and i will bite your hand off for a link to a good in depth tutorial on layers and Photo Shop 4-Astro Imaging tips right now lol

Thanks again


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