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Pinocchio (was the mad scope) meets M57


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Had lots of fun tonight messing with my Pinocchio scope.

Swapped the finder for my Telrad to give me a better chance of

placing an object on the camera (no goto on my mount).

The mount tracked better as the bulk of Pinocchio is right over the RA


Took 4 frames 20 seconds duration of M57 to test the scope and the

newly LX modded Toucam.

Very chuffed to say that the gear worked fine and after a few tweaks,

next session should bag some more objects.

Here's the M57, not the best ever image but an important result

none the less :laugh:


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Out of interest, the B/W CCD's that you were offering for sale

a little while back. Are the advantages worth the upgrade in

the case of my Toucam?

Yes, definitely in terms of sensitivity - you get a 300% increase. Downside is you then need to use filters for colour work.


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That's not such a downside though because you have a much easier job when it comes to processing :laugh: The Atik wont be right for Pinochio though cos the footprint is too big. Don't know what F ratio you are working at but it is likely to be very low so you will need a camera with small pixels - probably less than 7 microns

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