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Night time animations from GCSP 2006


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Dean Ketelson, coordinator of the Grand Canyon Star Party, has assembled these two amazing animations of the night sky at the GCSP 2006. He set his Canon 300D on a tripod, set it to expose automatically for 30 seconds and just let it run. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Broadband is recommended and let it load fully, then watch. The brightest frames from the front are buses and traffic. The brightest frames from the rear are the washroom doors opening. Watch for airplanes, satellites and movement of scopes. The second one has a good view of Dennis Young's 28" in action. Note that he's still there after those around him are gone. :laugh: (Good man, Dennis)



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Excellent ..Even the wife enjoyed those..

That says something..She thought my sunspot pic was "Dirt on the lens"... :laugh:

Don't despair, Greg. Any time someone says that to me in public, I laugh and say, "Yeah, like I've never heard that one before." It usually puts them off without being too mean. :blackeye:

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