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Walking on the Moon

I Wish I Had a Garden..


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I really do.. I have to leave the scope outside to cool down, I can't come in for a cuppa for the fear of it being nicked.

I was going to get the scope out tonight on this fine evening, but I just cant be bothered to maul it down the stairs, and sit outside waiting for the thing to cool down, only to dew over and maul it back upstairs.

I hate living in a flat! I need a back garden and a shed!!

Sorry guys, just needed to let off steam!


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Lol, few night ago I was inadvertently listing to the couple down the road having hanky panky while I was looking at M45..

I per her poor fella is deaf..

Still takes all sorts.

As for the hecking up fag phelgm..YUK that noise goes straight through me.


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You have my sympathy Kain and Gordon. I live in the west end of Glasgow and have to drive 25-50 miles to reach my "semi-dark" and "dark" skies sites (passing places on country "C" class roads). I have to shift all my gear down two flights of steps and then out to the car (can be in the next street - depends on parking availability).

I want to live in the country, with a nice flat, level bit of grass in a reasonably sized garden - but it aint going to happen any time soon. So I put up with the two journeys to and from the car for each observing session. It is okay, but means I cant just "pop out" for a quick bit of observing. Each session has to have a reasonable chance of decent conditions - and it has to last for 2hrs, otherwise why bother.

So cheers lads - we must be really keen to do what we do - not easy for us - but worth it when you get back in after a good session, aglow with the sheer joy of it.


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