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Skywatcher 32mm Panaview


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I new I wanted a nice big widefield low mag eyepiece, the choices were numerous. After doing a lot of looking around and reading, especially Astro Baby's enthusiasm for her 38, I decided to buy the 32mm Panaview.

It arrived a couple of days ago and the cloudiness appeared, last night was my first clear night, so, out came the scope and in went the Panaview. I can only really compare the views to the 32mm plossl that came in the Antares eyepiece kit I bought with the scope, having said that, the Antares one isn't bad and the same eyepiece is badged by various 'manufacturers'

First target was to be Pleides, I don't know what it is that keeps drawing me back to that cluster, but I'm inclined to think, since it was the first thing i looked at when I got my scope that your first item sort of 'grabs you'.

So, I telradded onto my familiar friend, got to the eyepiece and it was like looking at it for the first time again! Lovely and sharp, but now HUGE, the eye relief on this EP is amazing (I wear glasses) but the most fantastic thing was that by moving my head in and out and around, I sort of 'was there' it was like watching 3D, I could practically stick my head in the middle of the cluster and look around it!

After all the reading I did, I read that edge definition was something to look for in wide angle low mags, I will say there was the ever so slightest stretching of stars on the very outside of the FOV but I'm being VERY critical, and wouldn't have even noticed it unless I was looking for it. Having said that, later I had a go with the moon, (no filter as the panaview is a 2" and i don't posess a 2" filter) Most noticeable was the contrast, at that mag the moon was very 'comfortable' just to look around, the contrast was great, I especially noticed it in the odd couple of craters with darker 'bottoms'. On the moon, the edges were pin sharp.

Orion nebula, no problems at all picking out nebulosity, and, as with my other eyepieces I still see shades of green in it, I beleive this isn't uncommon.

What I did notice with this, and I'm assuming it's an issue with such big 'lumps of glass' is that it's a little prone to misting, I don't know if it was my particular conditions last night though as i also had it with my baader hyperion which I've never experienced before.


It's actually smaller than I expected it to be when I pulled it out of the box, the screw up eyecup is nice and smooth and all in all it's manufacture quality is very good, it 'feels' like quality. I was blown away by the views and it was like my first night with my scope all over again. Having used it, would I buy it again? In a heartbeat! Highly recommended.

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Whew !! What a relief I'd have felt terrible if you'd hated it.

The misting was probably just one of those things, my 38mm and 26mm versions arent more or less prone to it than my other EPs.

For the money I honestly dont think you could do better if you like wide angle views. If your at the SSP pop over and take a look through the 38mm - I'm sure you'd love it.

Congrats on it by the way and take a look at something like the Beehive or M13 or the double cluster with it. The double is awesome.

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Thanks Tophouse (and you too A_B, your review of the 38mm really grabbed me), you won't believe how comforting for me it is to read that review (I was so torn between the 32mm and 38mm - but think the 38mm might be just pushing things a bit too much in my ST120, so was going to plump for the 32mm, and now definitely am). :)

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