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Saturn is amazing.

Friend stayed over the other night, wasn't the clearest of skies but about 2am there was a break, went out, got saturn in viewscope, looked in through my new 5mm, and I just went HOLY ****. WOW. AWESOME. it was epic, I wasn't prepared for how good it would look, rings, moons, it was amazing.

After a while I realised I still had my moon filter on the EP too, so I took that off and it was even better! I could see the yellowish cloudy bands, it was just the best thing ever.

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bet all the life longer observers are laughing at us :)


I think you would find when seeing things like this - it almost takes you back to the first time when you saw something astonishing for the first time....reading this made me 14 again over 25 years ago..:(


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