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centring Polaris ???


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Could be that the altazimuth and altitude settings are not set close enough to the pole to allow the RA/Dec to "swing" the scope onto Polaris. Set up the mounting so the RA axis points roughly towards the pole.

Then set the OTA pointing north along the top of the RA axis ie telescope above the mount and check the altitude reading: if the scales are ok it should read your latitude. ie 52 degrees etc then use the azimuth adjustment knob(s) to bring Polaris into the finder...


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Agh !!! So it's perfectly normal not to be able to maneuver the scope thru planetarium s/ware or h/set to centre it ! Yes moving the via the Az adjustment knobs would work-hadn't thought of that DOH. Don't s'ppose I wanted to upset my polar alignment.

Cheers Merlin :)

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