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When using my Skywatcher Explorer 250 OTA and Skywatcher EQ6 Pro SynScan after start up and I have a GPS Fix I get asked if I want to start from the Home position ?

I always say yes

Why would you start at a different position and I never remember setting home position

Just curious


John B

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The "home" position is a nominated orientation for the axises of the mount. For instance, you may want to park the scope at the end of the night with the OTA horizontal facing north. This could then be entered as a home position, so the next night starting from this position the encoders/ drives remeber where they were and can then GOTO from that position.

If you move the RA/ DEc after shut down, you can either start up the next session by setting the scope to the "PARK" position ie pointing to the pole, or the "HOME" position with the OTA horizontal.


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Home position is normally counterweight bar pointing straight down and telescope facing NCP. Synscan also allows you to start from a custom home position such as cwb horizonal, telescope horizontal if you have an observatory. When you park the mount after a observing session, synscan asks if you wish to park in the home position, the current position or a custom position. It always asks when started up if you wish to start from the home position.


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