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QHY5 Orientation

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I have seen a couple of posts where people, when talking of setting up for autoguiding, check that the guidecam chip is orientated correctly. Now is this necessary when using PHD? I have got the impression when watching it calibrate the calibration routine takes care of any "mis-alignment". So should it be aligned or not when using PHD?

Answers most welcome because maybe I am setting up incorrectly.

thanks Pete

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That's a good question Pete. I too have just got one, but have yet to use it properly (clouds!). I would imagine it might have issues if it were, say at 45 degrees. This would mean that it would always nudge both RA and DEC if it wanted to just correct RA. It would have to work twice as hard to compensate?

There are indeed no instructions supplied telling you how to orientate it.


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There is no need to orient the QHY5 in any specific orientatiion as Steve has correctly answered, the Calibration routine in PHD (and most other guiding programs) works out the alignment of the chip automatically, then applies the correct corrections to the mount, it does not correct in DEC & RA because the camera is angled, the software just corrects / compensates for the chip orientation and applies only the correct adjustment in RA or DEC as if the camera was carefully aligned with the mount axis.


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