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3D Sun for the iPhone

Imagine holding the entire sun in the palm of your hand. Now you can. A new iPhone app developed by NASA-supported programmers delivers a live global view of the sun directly to your cell phone. Users can fly around the star, zoom in on active regions, and monitor solar activity.

About the app;

NASA - 3D Sun for the iPhone


3D Sun for your iPhone and iPod Touch

Not had time to try this out yet, so let me know what you think if you download it.

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regarding 3d sun.. anyone worked out how to change wavelengths? I've tried tapping the 4colour icon in the top left of the 'wavelengths' page, assuming it woule cycle through them, but it has bo effect...?


Update: Ofc, as is the way of these things, I fired 3D Sun up the other day and the 'wavelength switching' icon suddenly deceided to work....:)

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OK i am downloading this to my pc. I assume i can transfer it from here to my I-phone?

I have Itunes on this PC.

With itunes & your browser installed with defaul values, I'd expect itunes to launch when the download is finished.

Itunes is the main (only?) way to get apps on the itouch & iphone

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