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Canon 350D Filter Removed


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Hi Guys

I have just purchased a 350D modified by having the filter removed.

I understand that this will work fine with a reflecting telescope and should bring out the Ha detail in certain subjects.

If i also wanted to image through my ED80 with this camera what would i require as far as a filter to prevent me getting "blobby" stars ?



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You want something that will give you UV/IR cut... the IR cut end being the more important...

If you wanted to take care of LP at the LP at the same time then Astronomik CLS-CCD (not the plain CLS) or Hutech IDAS P2 LPR.. the former in EOS Clip in format is a very handy filter to have...

Baader do a nice one without LP removal and a lot cheaper...

Baader UV

Available from FLO...

UV & IR FIlters - Baader UV/IR Cut Filter


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A great camera which, with the filter removed, gives significant improvement to responce in the red.....

I have one for spectroscopy.

You can get the Astronomic clip-in UV-IR filter.

Only downside to this mod is that you can't use standard camera lens with the modded body:( The removal of the filter changes the "effective" depth of the body by almost 1mm - enough to throw you out of focus with a normal lens... other than that it's a very good DSLR for astronomy.

Make sure you also get a TC80 type remote control...it makes life a lot easier.


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I've spoken to the guys at Astronomics and Baader on exactly that issue...

Unfortunately the answer is no.

To compensate for the missing filter you need an equivalent 3mm thick piece of glass somewhere inside the camera body infront of the chip. Astronomics say it's too thick to be accommodated in a clip-in filter design.

Some camera lenses if you're lucky ( my old Zuiko lenses don't:() can focus beyond infinity ( the old IR focus mark) so in theory they may just make focus.....

So this mod is really for telescope attachment imaging only.


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